The Walden – Asoke

    The Walden - Asoke

    Thailand Property Developers specialise in the best real estate news and information in Bangkok and Pattaya. In this blog we focus upon the Asoke area of Bangkok and in particular The Walden Condominium.


    Asoke is one of the original areas of Bangkok and has a history that goes back over a century. Today is is a prime Central Business District full of upscale offices, extravagant shopping malls, luxury 5-star hotels and top condominium developments.

    All this make Asoke one of the most desirable areas of Bangkok to live in, and there are only limited address available. The long history of Asoke brings with it a great deal of heritage, and do not be surprised to find old traditional Thai properties alongside ultra-modern developments.

    Walden Concept

    The building design as you would expect expresses modernism but with the addition of harnessing nature. There is plenty of use of natural products such as stone and wood, and this ties in with the lush greenery from ground to rooftop.

    There is an overall impression of space, from the long driveways and large indoor spaces, which gives a sense of living away from a crowded city.

    Roof Top

    The Roof Top is where residents can relax and enjoy life, it is home to many amenities and features, such as:

    • Pavilion
    • BBQ & outdoor dining space
    • Lawn for relaxation
    • Kids pool
    • Kidd pool terrace
    • Cascading water feature
    • Pool deck
    • Lap pool
    • Sunken jacuzzi
    • Trees
    • Spa
    • Bamboo walk
    • Playground
    • Sunken party place

    There development also has a fully equipped gym, a resident’s lounge, car park and 24hr security.

    The Habitat Group

    The developer of The Walden Asoke is the Habitat Group which were incorporated in 2012, with a mission to be one of Thailand’s leading property developers in the mid to upper-mid scale luxury residential market.

    The company is based on being different in a highly competitive market. Their projects are designed to stand out with innovative design and great functionality. The Habitat Group is now internationally recognised as a developer that features world-class design and special quality.

    Some of their successful developments include: Leroy Nuamnudee, Wyndham Wongamat, BluPhere Pattaya, The Ville Jomtien and X2 Pattaya.

    Every inch of the Walden is utilized with a facility to maximize both comfort and convenience.


    Whether you are buying purely for yourself or as buy to rent, there are opportunities for timeless investments at the Walden Asoke. Being in a prime expat location opens the doors for many rental opportunities and to receive rental incomes.

    The Walden also has a professional investment advisor that is on hand to dispense invaluable and impartial advice. Walden Asoke also has a great Rental Management Team that can look after your interests whilst you are away.

    All in all the Walden Asoke is a great opportunity for an investment, and if you simply wish to reside their the location is second to none.

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