Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien

    Seven Seas Condo Resort

    Here at Thailand Property Developers we keep our finger on the pulse of some of the best condo developments in Pattaya.

    In this blog we look at one of the most exciting projects in Jomtien, the Seven Seas Condo Resort. This development is one of the largest themed condo resorts in Pattaya and has seven tropical islands, a pirate ship, several lagoons, and the longest connected swimming pool in Pattaya.

    Explore the Islands

    This development is spread over seven individually themed islands: Seychelles, Bahamas, Mystery Island, Bora Bora, Madagascar, Hawaii and Easter Island.

    Each island has its own individual theme and unit types.


    Most people visit the Seychelles for peace and quiet and Seven Seas quite easily replicates this. Owners can take it easy in the two jacuzzis and children are delighted with the shallow lagoons that they can safely swim in.


    Residents of the Bahamas can enjoy the real Pirate ship that has two water slides and actual cannons. There is also a palm tree for shade as you sit by the pool.

    Mystery Island

    Mystery Island is home to the Seven Seas clubhouse and the Express Cafe & Bar. It also houses a fully equipped gym, steam room, games room and an outdoor terrace which overlooks all the other islands.

    Residents can enjoy eating and drinking either in the indoor restaurant or outside by the pools on specially provided tables.

    Bora Bora

    Residents of Bora Bora have their own waterfall to explore and their own island. The shallow pools are ideal to spend the day splashing around with great sunbathing areas also.


    Madagascar is just perfect for the whole family and for kids as young as one year old upward, the shallow pool has its own fun giant turtle statues and Madagascar even has its own baby’s play area just behind the boabab trees.


    Not many condo developments have their own volcanoes but Hawaii does complete with two water slides. Hawaii is another quiet themed area and a great place to relax.

    Easter Island

    Featuring five giant Moai statues, Easter Island is a highly unusual theme for a Thai condo but fits in Seven Seas themed zones perfectly. The giant heads live on their own island and is a great place to hang around.

    Condo Units

    There are over one and a half thousand units in Seven Seas in three configurations: Studio 27 Sq.m, 1 Bedroom in sizes 36.5, 41.5, and 52 Sq.m and 2 Bedroom at 63.5, 73, 78, 88.5 and 104 Sq.m.

    Seven Seas Condo Resort is a refreshing and bright condominium development in the heart of Jomtien and has definitely raised the bar for all future projects.

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